What is a DOM, LOM, POM and SOM?
by: Vickie Rounsaville-Millard



The American Boxer Club presents awards for the following accomplishments for Boxers. A DOM (Dam of Merit) is a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 4 Champions; these Champions can also be either male or female. A SOM (Sire of Merit) is a male Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced 7 Champions; these Champions can be either male or female. A POM (Producer of Merit - no award is given at this time) is either a male Boxer registered with the AKC or a female Boxer registered with the AKC that has produced a SOM or a DOM. SOM, DOM and POM first appeared in print by the ABC in the 1987 ABC Specialty Catalog.

The newest honor to be awarded by the American Boxer Club, is the LEGION OF MERIT award. This award went into effect at the ABC National Specialty Show in May of 1998. A Sire of Merit, in order to join the Legion of Merit ranks, must sire FOUR or more producers (either Sires of Merit or Dams of Merit). A Dam of Merit, in order to join the Legion of Merit ranks, must produce THREE or more producers (either Sires of Merit or Dams of Merit). Neither the sire or the dam have to be a Sire of Merit, Dam of Merit or a Champion to qualify for this recognition.

This is a coveted award, as it is quite an outstanding sire or dam that can accomplish this. Listed are the Sires and Dams that have been awarded this honor. If you have been involved in showing Boxers at all, you should recognize this as the Who's Who of Boxers!

Legion of Merit - Sires
Updated May 2015

AM/CAN/CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM -- 16
  CH. Cherkei’s High Cotton, SOM
  CH. Cherkei's Song Of The South, DOM
  CH. Eedee's-K's Moxie Lady, DOM
  Fowler’s Sweet Surrender of Josha, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Escort In Black, SOM
  CH. Huffand's Chi Chi, DOM
  CH. Huffand's Harley Girl, DOM
  CH. Huffand’s Obsession of Arriba, DOM
  CH. Jopa's Great Gusto Of Higo's, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Josha’s Linebacker, CD, CGC, LOM
  CH. Santi Me Hay Wire, NA, NAJ, SOM
  CH. Scarborough Living Proof, DOM
  CH. Sirrocco's Far More Fair,DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Gold Card, DOM

ICH. Millan's Fashion Hint, SOM -- 12
  CH. Bercrelen's Import, SOM
  CH. Braemerwood Happy Tracks, SOM
  CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Shady Lady, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Hansparke's Fashion Fair, DOM
  CAN CH. Jocolu's Charming Fashion, DOM
  CH. Jojac's Magic Moment, DOM
  CH. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion, SOM
  Millan's Miss Palmyra, DOM
  CH. Salgray's Jitterbug, DOM
  CH. TuRo's Native Dancer, SOM, LOM
  ICH. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Von Schorer's Moon Shadow, SOM, LOM

AM/CAN/CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo, SOM -- 12
  CH. Araby's Black Watch, SOM
  Armaugh's Kashmir of Notelrac, DOM
  CH. Arriba's Cherkei Fancy Free, DOM
  CH. Arriba's Footloose, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Draymia's Total Package, SOM
  AM/CAN/CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Keil's Renaissance, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Mephisto's Black Sabbath, DOM
  CH. TuRo’s Accolade, SOM
  CH. TuRo's Empire, SOM
  TuRo's Escappade, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM, LOM

AM/CAN/CH. Bayview’s Strides Ahead, SOM -- 11
  AM/CAN CH. Bayview Clean Sweep, SOM
  CH. Bayview Tips The Scales, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Mirror Image, DOM
  AM CAN CH. BJays Traveling Man, SOM
  Ein-Von's It's A Dream Again, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Emerald's Luciana At Eastwind, DOM
  CH. Encore's Allure, DOM
  CH. Encore's Atticus A-Braxx-Us, SOM
  AM CAN CH. Encore's Chianti, DOM
  CH. Encore's Crimson Tide, SOM
  CH. Skidoo's Charlie's Angel, DOM

CH. Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM -- 10
  Carbara's Sara Strike a Pose, DOM
  Claremont’s Hickory, DOM
  CH. Cynra’s Chanel, DOM, LOM
  CH. High River's On Fire, SOM
  Howcurt’s Autumn Jubliee, DOM
  CH. Karmel's Dream Weaver, SOM
  CH. Kreyon’s Easy Money, SOM
  CH. Telestar’s Good Time Charlie, SOM
  CH. Telestar’s Moon Pebbles, DOM
  CAN CH. Tradonalee’s Classic Sensation, SOM

CH. Bridgwood's B.K.Kahuna, SOM -- 10
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Causin' an Uproar, SOM
  CH. Bayview Strides Ahead, LOM
  CH. Bayview's Tequila Hi Of Cherkei, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, LOM
  CH. Jem Jack of Diamonds, SOM
  CH. Jem's Pearl Jam, SOM
  CH. Rosend's Bo Diddley, SOM
  CH. Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM
  CH. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM, LOM

CH. Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton, SOM -- 10
  CH. Brookwood's Dream Dancer, SOM, LOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Basic Edition, SOM
  CH KimKar's Hi-Tech Traveler, SOM
  Liston's Ritchie Valens, SOM
  CH. Raklyns Showboat, SOM
  CH. Raklyns Showin' Off, DOM
  CH. Raklyn's Stealing the Show, SOM, LOM
  CH. Regal Hitech Picasso of Darvick, CD, RN, SOM
  CH. Van Riper's Pretty Boy Floyd, SOM

ICH. Scher-Khouns's Shadrack, SOM -- 9
  ICH. Aracrest’s Jered, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Aracrest’s Kaylib, SOM
  CH. Arriba’s ZeChin, DOM
  CAN CH. Donessle’s Miss Fancy, DOM
  Indian Bend Maria, DOM
  ICH. Mephisto’s Soldier of Fortune, SOM
  CH. Omega’s Rockfire, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Scher-Khoun’s Abednego, SOM, LOM
  ICH. Scher-Khoun’s Meshack, SOM

ICH. Dorian v Marienhof of Mazelaine, SOM -- 8
  CH. Archduke of Valcar, SOM
  CH. Duke Cronian, SOM
  CH. Endymion of Mazelaine, SOM
  Heigh Ho Bramble, DOM
  CH. Mahderf’s El Chico, SOM
  CH. Nemesis of Mazelaine, DOM
  CH. Nocturne of Mazelaine, DOM
  CH. Symphony of Mazelaine, DOM

CH. JEMS Pearl Jam, SOM -- 8
  AM/CAN CH. Breho I Bee Jam'n at Keepsake, DOM, CGC
  CH. Denbar's Diamond Diva, DOM
  CH. Rosend's After Midnight, SOM
  CH. Rosend's Sophisticated Lady, DOM
  CH. Rosend's Right on the Money, SOM, CGC, RN

CH. Maxl's Golden Boy, SOM -- 8
  CH. Burlwood's Loverboy, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Summer's Dash Riprock, AM/CAN SOM
  CH. Illyrian's Trilogy, SOM
  CH. LaRich Stars to the Maxl, SOM
  CH. Standing O Ladyluck of Shilo, DOM
  CH. Storybook's Page After Page, SOM
  CH. Suncrest's Dreams of Gold, DOM

CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM --7
  AM/CAN/CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Helixview Noble Knight, SOM
  CH. Jered’s Sovereign, SOM
  Jered’s Sky Siren, DOM
  CH. Lewgin Lane’s Whizz Bang, SOM
  CH. Marquam Hill’s Commache, SOM
  CH. Marwal’s Satisfactual, DOM

CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM -- 7
  CH. Cajon’s Calling Card, SOM
  Carlwen’s Juliet von Barrage, DOM
  ICH. Eldic’s Darius, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill’s Flamingo, DOM
  Nagerroc’s’s Boom Boom, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Salgray’s Battle Chief, SOM
  CAN CH. Salgray’s Roulette, DOM

AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Causin an Uproar, CDX, SOM -- 7
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane N Bravo Hear Me Roar, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Encore's Jet Setter, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Emerald's Mad About You, DOM
  Denbar's Millennial Dream Girl, DOM
  McCoy's Farther Along, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Rochils' Lady Slipper, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM -- 7
  CH. Breezewoods Diamonds R Forever, DOM
  CH. Debut's Desperado, CD, SOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Arbritage, SOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Current Event, SOM
  CH. Mistyvalley Curtain Call, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Pinepaths Night Watch, SOM
  CH. Trefoil's Lili Marlene, DOM

CH. Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker, SOM -- 7
  CH. Ewo's Nice and Easy, SOM
  CH. Ewo's Tie Breaker, SOM
  Linmar's Love Always O'Phildadel, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Raintree's Amazing Grace, DOM
  CH. Santi Me Encore Encore, DOM
  CH. Seaside's Ewo Surf Breaker, SOM
  CH. Special K’s A Jet Of My Own, SOM

AM/CAN CH. Josha’s Linebacker, CD, CGC, SOM -- 7
  CAN/CH. Heart Acres Satin Lining, DOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Karjean's Abilene At Heart Acres, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Line Of Credit, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Syrr Run's Online Heart Acres, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Logan Elm Runs At Heart Acre, SOM
  CH. Bee-Mike's One Night Stand, SOM

CH. Salgray's Ambush, SOM -- 7
  CH. Arriba’s Knight Review, SOM
  CH. Dormac’s Gunslinger, SOM
  CH. Moreleen’s Al-le-lu-ia, SOM, LOM
  CH. Salgray’s Good Grief, SOM
  CH. Salgray’s Market Wise, SOM, LOM
  CH. Salgray’s Royal Flush, SOM
  CH. Sajac’s Royal Savage, SOM

CH. Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal, SOM -- 7
  CH. Holly Lane's Wild as the Wind, SOM
  CH. Holly Lane's Baccarat of Teohlin, SOM
  CH. Holly Lane's Fantan of Teohlin, SOM
  CH. Holly Lane's Irish Coffee, SOM
  CH. Jerelyn's KopyKat of Har-Vel, DOM
  CH. Rummer Run's Ticker Tape, SOM
  CH. Virgo's Market Boomer, SOM

CH. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM -- 6
  CH. Cedar Hill’s Capital Classic, SOM
  CH. Omega’s Tycoon, SOM
  Omega’s Wind Fire, DOM
  CH. Talisman’s Vigilante, SOM

CH. Hi-Tech's Arbitrage, SOM -- 6
  CH. Boxerton Crown Imperial, DOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Alladyn of Cynra, SOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat, SOM, LOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Aurora of Cynra, DOM
  CH. Rummer Run's High Noon, SOM

CH. Salgray's Market Wise, SOM -- 6
  CH. Keil’s Dynasty, SOM, LOM
  CH. Keil’s High Society, DOM
  Keil’s Katrina, DOM
  CH. Milray’s Winsome of Will-Ve’s, SOM
  CH. Missy's Debutante
  CH. Salgray’s K O Aracrest, SOM

CH. Shadow's Nairobi, SOM -- 6
  CH. Dreamweaver's Past Perfect, DOM
  LuckyJades Vision X Standing O, DOM, LOM
  CH. Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor, SOM
  AM/MEX CH. Raklyns High Stakes At Ivylane, SOM, TT
  CH. Rochil's Call Of The Wild, SOM
  CH. Yankee's Homecoming, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Wagner's Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM -- 6
  CH. Berena’s Gemini Splashdown, SOM, LOM
  CH. Berena’s Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM
  CH. Jopa’s Twilight Romance, DOM
  Moss Wood’s Frosty Morn, DOM
  CH. Shieldmont’s Issues and Answers, SOM
  CH. Tall Oaks Desert Dazzler, SOM

CH. Benjoman of Five T's, SOM -- 5
  CH. Huffand’s Irish Rebel, SOM
  CH. TuRo’s Tigger of Five T’s, DOM
  TuRo's Touche, DOM
  CH. TuRo’s Whisper of Five T’s, DOM
  Wesan’s Faith Alone, DOM

CH. Capri's Woods End Spellcaster, SOM -- 5
  C-Era's Soul Serenade, DOM
  CH. Carillon's Number One Draft Pick, SOM
  CH. Hallmark's Rumor Has It, SOM
  CH. Katandy's Kameo, DOM
  GCH. R and G's Mystical Dancer, SOM

CH EWO’s Tie Breaker, SOM -- 5
  CH. Arriba's Obladee Of Huffand, DOM
  CH. CJ's Red Hot Chili Pepper, DOM
  CH. Huffand's Arriba Of K K N' K DOM
  CH. Kenasher's Divine Wind SOM
  CH. Tejelo Reflection Of Hunter, SOM

CH. Hi-Tech's Aristocrat, SOM -- 5
  CH. Harlyn Bee-Vee Regal Heir, SOM
  CH Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton, SOM, LOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Coco Chanel, DOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's New Hope, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Sirrocco's Sing it to Me, SOM

CH. Highriver's Taylor Made of Backwoods, SOM -- 5
  CH. Backwood's Shakin' My Booty, DOM
  AM/CAN GCH. KG Halcyon Fire King, SOM
  CH. LinMar's Kitty Hawk, DOM
  CH. Nantess Southern Lady, DOM
  Rummer Run's Tug of War, SOM

CH. JEMS Jack of Diamonds, SOM -- 5
  CH. Rosend's Unforgettable, DOM
  CH. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Renee's Brooklyn Bruiser, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Stevenstars-N-JEMS Crown Royal, DOM

CH. Keil's Dynasty, SOM -- 5
  AM/CAN CH. Keil’s Vision, SOM
  CH. Virgo’s Destiny, DOM
  ICH. Woods End Crown Sable, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Wood’s End Million Heir, SOM

CH. My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, SOM -- 5
  CH. Carlon’s Classy Chasis, DOM
  Carlwen’s Joie De Vivre, DOM
  Ebony Image of Ellen’s Alley, DOM
  CH. Holly Lane’s Inherit the Wind, SOM
  Holly Lane’s Taskaloosa, DOM

CH. Turo's Native Dancer, SOM -- 5
  CH. Bropat’s Fandancer, DOM
  CH. Tolfan’s Total Eclipse, SOM
  CH. TuRo’s Angel of Fire of DJ, DOM
  TuRo’s Katrina of Cross Bar, DOM
  CH. TuRo’s Truffian, DOM

ICH. Woods End Crown Sable, SOM -- 5
  CH. Foxwoods Krystal Karousel, CD, CDX, AX, TT, DOM
  ICH. Salgray's Hijinx O'Thorncrest, SOM
  CH. Tenebo's Sable Doll, DOM
  CH. Champagne Touched By An Angel, DOM

CH. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM -- 4
  CH. Cedar Hill's Capital Classic, SOM
  CH. Omega's Tycoon, SOM
  Omega's Wind Fire, DOM
  CH. Talisman's Vigilante, SOM

CH. Brookwood's Dream Dancer, SOM -- 4
  CH. Brookwood's Majestic Star, DOM
  CH. Brookwood's Place of Dreams, SOM
  Brookwood's Place Your Bets, DOM, LOM
  CH. Brookwood's Mystic Warrior, SOM

CH Cachets Mad Max of TuRo, SOM -- 4
  CH. Encore’s Coup De Grace, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Garnsey’s Mad Max, SOM
  CH. Jacquet's Drakkar, SOM
  CH. Jacquet’s Pangea, DOM

ICH. Gray Roy's Minstrel Boy, SOM -- 4
  CH. Scarborough Silversmith, SOM
  Scarborough Soliloquy, DOM
  CH. Trefoil’s Choir Boy, SOM
  CH. Trefoil’s Dylan of Donessle, SOM

CH. Huffand's Nice Enough, SOM -- 4
  CH. Scarborough Norman Knight, SOM
  CH. Sergi’s Classic Design, DOM
  Sergi’s N BJ’s Original Design, DOM
  Tallassees Enough’s Enough, DOM

AM/CAN CH. Irondales's Uncommon Valor, SOM -- 4
  CH. Telstar's Prudent Choice, DOM
  CH. Boxrmor N Renno's Here's Johnny, SOM
  CH. Telstar's Dixieland Band, SOM

ICH. Lustig v Dom of Tulgey Wood, SOM -- 4
  CH. Bubbling Over Lilac Hedge, SOM
  CH. But Good of Lilac Hedge, SOM
  CH. Crona v Zwergeck, DOM
  CH. Dauber of Tulgey Wood, SOM

ICH. Marburl's Joshua, SOM -- 4
  CH. Har-Vel’s Gold Express, SOM
  CH. Har-Vel’s Josh’s Gold, SOM
  CH. Kricket’s Jonathan, SOM
  CH. Rochil’s Kallista of Marburl, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM -- 4
  AM/CAN CH. Doggone Ounce of Gold, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill’s Traper of TuRo, SOM, LOM
  AM/CAN CH. Marquam Hill’s Trigger of TuRo, SOM
  CH. Telestar Starmaker, SOM

CH. Merrilane's April Fashion, SOM -- 4
  CH. Huffand’s Nice Enough, SOM, LOM
  CH. Jacquet’s Brass Idol, SOM
  CH. Jacquet’s Gold Field Rubi Doux, DOM
  CAN/CH. Manor Hill’s Lady Ann, CD, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Moon Valley's Sun 'N Shadow, SOM -- 4
  CH. Arriba’s Cherkei Oh Boy, SOM
  CH. Breezewood’s Equal Time, SOM
  CH. Breezewood’s One Mo’Time, DOM
  CH. Shieldmont’s Dimension, SOM

CH. Moreleen's Al-Le-Lu-La, SOM -- 4
  CH. Ell Bee’s Just Watch Out, SOM
  ICH. Marburl’s Joshua, SOM, LOM
  Moreleen’s ESP, DOM
  Nicklof’s Columbo, SOM

AM/CAN/CH. Moss Wood's Zinger Zapper, SOM -- 4
  CH. Dasel’s Spring Fantasy, CD, DOM
  Moon Valley’s Summer Shade, DOM
  CH. Valkyrie’s Hera, DOM
  CH. Virgo’s Moon Zapper, DOM

CH. Racklyn's Stealing the Show, SOM -- 4
  AM/CAN GCH. Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time, SOM
  CH. Katandy's Fast Forward, SOM
  GCH. Raypat's First and Ten, DOM
  CH. Triple Crown's Prince Of Thieves, SOM

CH. Rochil's Grande Marshall, SOM --- 4
  CH. Dreamweaver's Gold Lace O'Maxl, DOM
  CH. Kreyon's Delta Dawn II, DOM
  CH. Ronard's Grande Image, DOM
  CH. Rochil's Grande Connection, DOM

CH. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM -- 4
  CH. Berlane's N Rosend's Diva, DOM
  CH. Ein-Von's Causin Kaos, SOM
  Ein-Von's Kiss N Tell, DOM
  CH. MR Boxer Gingerbread Genny, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Salgray's Flying High, SOM -- 4
  CH. Herndon’s Desert Flyer, SOM
  CH. Salgray’s Ambush, SOM, LOM
  CH. Salgray’s Auntie Mame, DOM
  CH. Salgray’s Ovation, SOM, LOM

CH. Salgray's Ovation, SOM -- 4
  CH. Carlwen’s Sean of Erin, SOM
  Dormac’s Risque, DOM
  Salgray’s Autumn Years, DOM
  CH. Salgray’s Bojangles, SOM

AM/CAN/CH. Scher-Khoun's Abedengo, SOM -- 4
  CH. Benjoman of Five T’s, SOM, LOM
  Hollycrest’s Little Bit, CD, DOM
  CH. Notelrac’s Major Beau, SOM
  CH. Vel-Kel’s Big Ben, SOM

AM/CAN CH. Seaside EWO Surf Breaker, SOM -- 4
  Karizma's Seaside Cooberpedy, DOM
  CH. Lonestar's Tallahassee, DOM
  CH. Suncrest's I'm A Knockout, DOM
  CH. Seaside's Suncrest Sinner, DOM

CH. Storybooks Rip It Up, SOM -- 4
  CH. Encore's Kithara, DOM
  CH. Firestar's Indian Summer, CD, RN, DOM
  CH. Lattalane's Cover Story, DOM
  Rochil's Black Magic Woman, DOM

ICH. Utz v Dom of Mazelaine, SOM -- 4
  CH. Piccolo v Stuttgarter, SOM
  Swagger of Mazelaine, DOM
  CH. Warlord of Mazelaine, SOM
  CH. Yller of Mazelaine, DOM

AM/CAN/CH. Von Schorer's Moon Shadow, SOM -- 4
  CH. Araby’s Short Stop, SOM
  CH. Janeda’s Nokomis, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Moon Valley’s Solar Flare, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Moon Valley’s Sun N’ Shadow, SOM, LOM


Legion of Merit - Dams
Updated May 2015

CH. Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM -- 5
  CH. Rosend's After Midnight, SOM
  CH. Rosend's Key Largo, SOM, LOM
  CH. Rosend's Sophisticated Lady, DOM
  CH. Rosend's Unforgettable, DOM
  CH. Rosend's Right on the Money, RN, SOM

Brookwood's Place Your Bets, DOM -- 4
  AM/CAN/MEX CH. Brookwood's Full Moon, SOM
  CH. Brookwood's Place of Dreams, SOM
  CH. Brookwood's Majestic Star, DOM
  CH. Brookwood's Mystic Warrior, SOM

CH. Cynra's Chanel, DOM -- 4
  CH. Hi-Tech's Alladin of Cynra, SOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's Aurora of Cynra, DOM
  CH. Hi-Tech's New Hope, DOM
  CH. Hi-Tech’s Coco Chanel, DOM

CH. Raklyns Celebration, DOM -- 4
  CH. Shadow's Nairobi, SOM, LOM
  CH. Raklyn's Showboat, SOM
  CH. Raklyn's Stealing the Show, SOM, LOM
  CH. Raklyn's Showin' Off, DOM

AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Wish Upon a Star, DOM --3
  CH. Berlane's N Rosend's Diva, DOM
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane's High Voltage, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Berlane's Mirror Image, DOM

CAN CH. Heart Acres Satin Lining, DOM --3
  AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Escort in Black, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Heart Acres Formal Attire, SOM
  AM/CAN CH. Cinnrhee Belle of Heart Acre, DOM

CH. Holly Lane's Windstorm, DOM -- 3
  CH. Holly Lane's Diamond Replay, SOM
  CH. Holly Lane's Winter Fantsay, DOM
  CH. Holly Lane's Winterstorm, SOM

Luckyjade's Vision X Standing O, DOM --3
  CH. Pearlisle N Standing-O Risk Factor, SOM
  CH. Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L, SOM
  CH. Standing O Ladyluck of Shilo, DOM

Merrilane's Mad Passion, CD, DOM -- 3
  CH. Merrilaine's Holiday Fashion, DOM
  CH. Merrilaine's Hot Pants, DOM
  CH. Merrilaine's Mad Magic Of Jofra, DOM

Moon Valley's Merry Weather, POM -- 3
  CH. Araby's Shortstop, SOM
  AM/CAN/CH. Moon Valley's Solar Flare, SOM
  AM/CAN/CH. Moon Valley's Sun N’ Shadow, SOM, LOM


AM = American Champion
BER = Bermudan Champion
CAN = Canadian Champion
ICH = International Champion*
MEX = Mexican Champion

*Champion in more than three countries

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