CH. DT's IBN's Legacy of Har-Vel "Toddy" AKC: WG325198    DOB: 04/14/1988    DOD: 07/2001
Breeders: S. Dwayne Tucker      Owner: Mary Jackson

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Best of Winners / Winners Dog
Maryland Boxer Club

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Am Bred Brindle - 1st Place
American Boxer Club Regional

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Best of Winners / Winners Dog

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Best of Winners / Winners Dog
Skyline Kennel Club

The story of how Toddy landed in Virginia and at my house is an interesting and bizarre chain of events. I was introduced to Velda Rounsaville by Suzanne Workman, via the telephone, while I was at the ABC Regional in Colorado in the 1980's. During that conversation, I asked her to keep an "eye out" for a nice dog for me. Later she phoned me in Virginia to tell me of a litter owned by Dwayne Tucker who lived near her in Oklahoma. The litter was sired by her male Missouri Mystery (member of an all Champion litter) out of a double CH. Benjoman of Five T's, SOM, LOM bitch. I called Dwayne and was told, not only did he have the 6 month old fawn males, but, he also had the older brindle brother of the previous litter. He was hoping to sell the brindle to the owner of CH. IBN Benji of Five T's. IBN had just passed away. He named Toddy in memory of IBN. However, that sale didn't work out and Dwayne still had the dog. Time went by and I heard no more from Dwayne so thought that he must have sold or placed his dogs locally.

Months later, Suzanne Workman married Carl Rounsaville who moved back East to live in her home in Maryland. After the marriage, Carl went back to Oklahoma to bring back his belongings. When he returned to Suzanne's, he got out of the U-Haul truck with a boxer on the end of a lead. Suzanne asked what dog it was and he said it was Dwayne's older brindle pup. Suzanne promptly said, "We have enough dogs here. Mary wanted that dog, call her and tell her to come get him". Fascinating way to start a marriage, eh what? So I was called, said yes I wanted him and Carl gave him to me as a present.

To complete this bizarre turn of events, the Maryland Boxer Specialty show was about two weeks away and we just barely had time to get him entered in my name. Margaret Krey of Kreyon fame took care of that problem -- so within two hours, I had a new male, a show dog, a handler, and was entered in one of the major specialties in the East. WOW!! With my head still reeling, as I have never seen the dog, I find myself in the car heading up I95 to meet Carl and Suzanne to pick up the dog that afternoon. We arrive at the Howard Johnson's (yep they still had them in those days) and I met Toddy. He was very quiet, polite but just stared at me. Oh boy, here we go!!

Not many boxers are aloof, but this guy had been traded like a baseball card, dragged across the country and landed in the "boonies" with a woman he didn't know. So he figured that he would be VERY QUIET and scope out the new abode. Two days later, my new friend was slowly wagging his tail and by the following week, he was part of the crowd.

Now we are off to the Maryland Specialty. No one knew I had a dog to show so there were lots of comments about my appearance on the show scene after such a long time away. One comment was rather unfriendly when a long-time exhibitor came up to me and stated that she hoped I realized that I couldn't win with "that type" in the East. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "We'll see, won't we?" That night Toddy won his first 5 point major and was Best of Winners. I whooped, and Earl Overstreet said "Looks like Mary's back!"

The following week, Carl was unable to get to the show, the Baums had an Open dog and Earl very graciously showed Toddy for me and again he went Best of Winners. Then we went home to learn how to be an exuberant show dog. This quiet boxer who calmly went around the ring like a working professional needed some pizzazz! So I turned my stately, well-behaved gentleman into a wild man! Our next show in Myrtle Beach, SC took place the first week of February. Chris and Dick Baum showed him and he came home with 10 points. Now we needed the final major. Two weeks later, Toddy and the Baums travel to upper New York state to a three show weekend and we got our second five point major and I had a new Champion! Funny, all these shows were on the EAST COAST!!!

Fate does have a sense of humor.
Mary Jackson - MarJack Boxers





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