Top Twenty Judging Procedure - 2008

1. When the judges first see each dog, they must score it according to an Average Placement Scale of 1 – 10 before it is judged. In other words, the judge must look at the dog on the whole and score it on that scale, with a score of 10 meaning that, as a first impression, the dog appears to be in perfect harmony with the judge’s picture of the “ideal” Boxer. In the event of a tie, this score shall be used as a determining factor to break the tie.

2. Then, the dogs are scored individually by each of the three judges, using the Top Twenty Boxer Point Schedule, which is derived from the Standard. When a judge examines an individual dog and compares it mentally to his or her own picture of the “ideal,” that judge is going through an evaluation process. The Top Twenty Boxer Point Schedule adds the assignment of numerical values to this evaluation and it demands that the judge indicate wherein penalties are assessed for less than the ideal. Since the scores are posted, each judge goes on record, part by part, when they score the dog.

This “hands-on” scoring is far more time consuming than the comparison judging that we are used to. After all, these are our Top Twenty Boxers and they are all competing for the top spot! This type of judging exacts strong discipline on the part of each judge. A fault that seems to stand out to one particular judge might not to the others, thereby, reducing the impact of the idiosyncrasies of individual judges. While in the ring, judges may only confer with the stewards regarding judging procedures.

3. The winner will be determined on the basis of the averaged total scores of each dog and the signed score sheets will be publicly posted following the Show.

New Judging Procedure took place at the Twentieth Annual Top Twenty Competition (2008).

Boxer Point Schedule For The Top Twenty (as of May 5, 2008)

Dog # ________

AVERAGE PLACEMENT SCORE (1-10)                      AVERAGE PLACEMENT SCORE _____________
Please note: Each Judge rates each dog on this scale according to first impression. This score is to be used in case of tie ONLY.

Schedule of points for evaluation of individual dogs in accordance with Standard: Points assigned to each section shall be whole numbers... no fractions are permitted. No dogs should be scored lower than 80% total.

  Maximum Points   Points Awarded
Balance, style, coat color and markings (as they affect overall appearance)
Overall size, proportion and substance

Muzzle, skull, proportion, eyes (shape, color, proportion)
expression, ears, nose, bite

Neck, shoulders (blend into toppling) topline (withers to croup), croup and tail set, chest, brisket, rib spring & loins, back, tuckup

Upper arm, legs, feet, stifle & metatarsus
10   _____
Front, rear, side (reach, drive)

Alertness, animation, intelligence (reaction to handler & judges)

Possible Total 100 TOTAL _____

Judge's Signature ________________________________________

Judging Procedure For The Top Twenty Event
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