Top Twenty Judging Procedure - 2000

1.  Each dog will be scored by each judge individually, using a Scale of Points from the Standard.
2.  The winner will be determined on the basis of the total score of each dog.
3.  In the event of a tie, it shall be broken by using "Average Placement" (i.e. on a scale of 1 - 10) marked by each judge prior to the marking of the score sheet, as the determining factor.

Above are the simple ground rules that will be followed for the judging of this exciting event. The rationale for this system is as follows:

Whenever a judge examines an individual dog and compares him, mentally, to the judge's picture of the ideal, the judge is going through the work of judging by scoring. The scoring system adds the assignment of numerical values to the main factors of the judging, and it demands that the judge indicate where in he penalizes for less than ideal characteristics. The judge must go on record when he scores. And more, he must go on record part by part. He must also indicate the degree of deviation in the part from the ideal. He must also score each of before he actually judges it, by using the Average Placement Scale of 1 through 10; in otherwords, he must look at the dog as a whole, and place that dog on his scale, with a score of 10 meaning the dog is in perfect harmony with the judges picture of the ideal Boxer.

Scoring is much more time consuming than the comparison judging that we are accustomed to in the show ring ... where judges can handle 25 or more dogs in an hour. When scoring dogs, a judge can do no more than about 6 - 10 dogs an hour. But when scoring is completed it provides a written critique of the dog seen by the judge. The total score gives some sense of the "approximation of perfection" of the individual dog. In theroy, if we had numerical scores of the great boxers of the past ... we could compare the scores of our present greats to them. So, in setting up the judging for the Top Twenty, we have set up a system that can provide numerical norms for future comparisons.

Scoring has another virtue. It is a strong discipline on the judge. A fault can seem to stand out to a judge. He can become sensitized to one difficulty or to one virtue. Scoring checks this to a marked degree. It reduces the idiosyncracies of the individual judges.

One dog will enter the ring and will be scored completely by each judge. The dog will be moved individually, and the judges will score the dog for movement. This process will be repeated, with one dog in the ring at a time, until all of the dogs have been scored. The judges will sign each dog's score sheet.

Points will be tabulated by an impartial panel and results will be announced at the conclusion of the judging.

While in the ring, judges will limit their conversation to their stewards and will then only discuss judging procedure.

The new Judging Procedure took place at the Twelfth Annual Top Twenty Competition.(2000).

Boxer Point Schedule For The Top Twenty (as of May 8, 2000)

AVERAGE PLACEMENT: Please note judge will rate each dog on a scale of I to 10 prior to judging on point scale This score rating will be used only in case of tie in placements by point scale


Schedule of points for evaluation of individual in accordance with standard.

Points assigned to each section shall be either whole (l, 2, 5, etc.) or half (1/2, 2 1/2, etc). No other fractions of points will be permitted.

Dog No. ________

Balance, style, coat color and markings (as they affect overall appearance)
Size, Proportion & Substance


Muzzle, skull, proportion, eyes (shape, color, proportion)
expression, ears, nose, bite


Neck, shoulders (blend into topline) topline (withers to croup) croup & tail set, chest, brisket, rib spring & loins, back, tuckup


Upper arm, legs, feet, stifle & metatarsus
10 _____
Front, rear, side (reach, drive)


Alertness, animation, intelligence (reaction to handler & judges)


TOTAL 100 _____

Judging Procedure For The Top Twenty Event
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