Top Twenty Conformation 2008

January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007

Judges for Competition
Thomas R. Squicciarini - Multi-Breed Judge>
Wendy June Morawski - Breeder Judge>
Christa Cook - Handler Judge

**Welcome to the ELEGANT Show that honors our 2007 Top Twenty Boxers!

The dogs eligible for this competition are the top scoring Boxers compiled from data provided by the American Kennel Club for the period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007. These statistics are based on the number of dogs and bitches defeated with their Best of Breed wins. (Group and Best in Show wins are not counted.)

The judges for this event were nominated and selected secretly by the Top Twenty Committee members. Members of the Top Twenty Committee who are either the owner or breeder of a dog in competition are ineligible to nominate or vote for the judges. The three judges are revealed the evening of the competition. One is an AKC judge licensed to judge Boxers and at least four other breeds in any Group. In addition there is a breeder judge and a handler judge. All three judges will score each dog and the scores will be averaged. The winner will be posted at the end of the competition and the score sheets will be posted.

Each of these dogs represents immeasurable dedication to the breed we love. We should honor and celebrate each of them as they circle the ring.

In addition to the dogs eligible to compete since this is a Parade of Champions year at ABC, some of the past Top Twenty Winners have come to be a part of the Parade. We have invited them be exhibited and give everyone the chance to see these magnificent Boxers from the past. Take this chance to compare the very best we have had to offer since 2002.**

**Excerpt from the 2008 Top Twenty Catalog

BOXER Dogs Defeated
CH. Port O Calls Tide Of Carillon 4236
***CH. Ein-Von's Just A Rumor 4209 (2007 Winner)
CH. Suncrests Im The Man 2914
CH. Howdi Partner's Main Man 1975
CH. Raineylane-Studio Davinci 1305
***CH. Bayview Some Like It Hot 1246 (2006 Winner)
CH. Arriba Talisman Satisfaction 1093
CH. Pro's Original 501 Blues 1092
CH. Kg Halcyon Fire King 1040
CH. Regal's Best Kept Secret 938
CH. Dramatic Story Of Sherry Shoot JP 910
CH. Butler's This Buds For You 898
CH. Can-Cia's Shake Your Bon Bon 541
CH. Cyntech's A Touch Of Dash 528
CH. Royal Palms Smarty Pants 520
CH. Draymia Moon Valley Impact 500
CH. Paramount's Boogie Nights 470
CH. Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor 457
CH. Jacquet's Lord Byron De Kevel 448
CH. Crystos Breathless 448
CH. Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy 436
CH. Ripn T's To Hot To Handle 415
***CH. Brookwood's Mystic Warrior 2004 Winner
***CH. Brookwood's Dream Dancer 2003 Winner
***CH. Carillon Elegance of Rummer Run 2002 Winner

*** Previous Winner - not eligible to compete - Exhibition Only.
Winner of competition denoted in RED.

AM = American Champion   BER = Bermudan Champion
CAN = Canadian Champion   MEX = Mexican Champion
ICH = International Champion (Champion in more than three countries)

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